Prime Bow Reviews | The Centergy

The all-new Prime Centergy has taken the hunting industry by storm for 2017. The forefront of compound bow and bow hunting technology has always been Prime bows and G5 Outdoors. It is not the bow’s specs or speed that is responsible for this however. Our focus is on the hunter’s and archer’s experience. Some bow companies simply come out with new technology, sometimes without even knowing what that technology does! Prime, rather than looking towards technology first, digests the current problems of compound bows then turns to technology to solve them. In the end, regardless of specs, speed, and all of the other marketing slapped on new bows, the user experience is what defines a bow’s success or failure. In the end what the hunter, shooter, and consumer thinks of the bow matters the most as they are directly drawing from their experience!

Check out these Prime bow reviews for the Centergy. They give you an insight into why the Centergy is taking the hunting industry by storm this year, and it’s all based off the hunter’s experience!