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I have been able to make a lot of positive changes in my life, have learned a ton from it, and realized that this might be helpful to other people who want to make changes.

There are enough people talking about big ideas that have helped them but I don’t think there is enough clear, tactical, easy to implement information out there. So that’s what I’m going to focus on — Where To Start

This article is really just to tell you about the things I’ve learned from my big changes and then I’ll dig into to each one and…

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If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to read Part 1: The Tank


Just as I try to think what I should do next, I hear a splash of voices through the double doors to my left. I can practically see the faint echoes bounce around the cavernous and metallic room. Not a second later a man pushes through. His head is turned over his shoulder talking with the people following him in. He is fairly tall. I’d peg him in his late forties or more likely early fifties. He looks like he may be Indian and…

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I feel liquid rush in around me as my ears take in the sound of plunging into it. Was I just dropped into a body of water? Is it even water? What is this liquid around me? I can’t quite tell but I also can’t see. The world is still black but I’m not sure if it is because my eyes are closed or there is just no light. My sense of touch and hearing are the only things guiding my experience.

Wait. Why can’t I taste this liquid? I’m not sure that I even want to but I…

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Well because I had a life (or lives) while asleep and I’m fairly certain no one was living the same reality I was.

I was in a coma for a bit over a month — late April 2016 to early June 2016. It was medically induced because I had viral pneumonia and my lungs had shut down courtesy of the Adenovirus (B7 strain if you’re medically inclined).

Although I was “asleep”, my mind was very much awake. I lived other lives in other worlds and it was incredible.

There are many story arcs as I call them (+10) and I’ll…

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Losing headphones is likely a little stressful for anyone because you probably use them often and losing anything sucks. That’s true but it’s not exactly what caused my stress.

I listen to music…a lot. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks a lot too. That means that I use my headphones a ton. That doesn’t even count the phone calls that I have to make on a daily basis. When AirPods came out I was as skeptical as everyone else and then I got them and it was awesome. (Side note: this is NOT about how great they are).

I listen…

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I stare down at my hands as I type this post and feel countless emotions. Pride. Apprehension. Power. Confusion.

They are my hands but they don’t look like mine. At least not the ones I am used to. I have had the same hands for the vast majority of my life and they weren’t perfect but they were mine.

In the last year I have lost +80 pounds and I’ll be losing quite a bit more over the next year. It feels amazing but it comes with some unexpected side effects.

The hands typing in front of me are strong…

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I don’t know if I’ve always been an introvert and just didn’t realize it or if I have become one over time but this information certainly new and it’s certainly true.

I had always thought of myself as an extrovert and people who know me would agree, including those that are closest to me. The funny thing is that every personality test I’ve taken had me just barely more extroverted than introverted. This always struck me as odd but in the last few weeks it has started to make more and more sense (as my roommate Paris can attest).


First of all, let me say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! This may seem an odd place to start based on the title but let me show you why I chose it. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating relationships. Typically most people celebrate their romantic relationships and their partners but it’s more than that. You have relationships with your family members, with your friends, your colleagues, even your favorite barista or bartender at the local watering hole. They all matter and they all help shape who we are so I’m choosing to celebrate them all today. …

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I see the world as a beautiful place full of color. I love it and find joy in it every day so turning my phone to greyscale may seem like an odd choice. From that perspective you’re right but I chose to remove the color from my phone as a self-experiment.

Whether you realize it or not (and you probably do), companies spend a LOT of time, energy, and money trying to figure out the designs and more specifically the colors that will get you to do what they want. From Google’s blue buttons for every download to Youtube’s red…

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For some people this last Monday was just another day. For some it was the end of a three day weekend. For some it was a day to be celebrated for its’ significance in history. For me, it was a day to shut up. It was a day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and that is not a day when I need to be heard.

I write fairly regularly these days and I was pouring forth ideas about personal development and how I could best support others. My phone pinged with a text from a friend to hang before…

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Writing about weight loss, my coma, startups, psychology and big change. Always learning. Finding joy each day. Given privilege, paying it forward.

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