Alpha Motorcycle Training — The First Step to CBT Test London!

Alpha Motorcycle Training provides valuable and effective training to beginner level riders to experienced ones who have already passed the CBT Test London. Their services are unrivalled as they provide you with the best your money could get! If you get down to search for it would take you hours at a stretch to get your money’s worth of motorcycle training in London, — but here you will receive highly skilled and professional training which is not only cost-effective but would also make you a quick rider in no time!

From offering beginner-level courses to advanced motorcycle training, this centre has it all. It is a fully equipped training centre with a dedicated staff, hygienic and clean toilets (for the hygiene freak in you) and a canteen to satiate your appetite, after a pumped-up session of bike riding.

It is by far, one of the most valued training centres for anyone wishing to be a quick learner, without making a huge dent in your wallet!

Prime Location

The training centre is sited in North Wembley and very close to North Wembley station, about two minutes away. It lies on Bakerloo line and overground train lines and bus routes that lead you here are 245 and 483 respectively. The good news is they provide free off-street parking, so if you take your own ride, this could come in handy. Living in or near Central London would be a great advantage to you, as you will be in close proximity to the location and therefore be easier for you to travel to and fro!

CBT Test Training London — Alpha Motorcycle Training

Budget-friendly courses

They provide an impressive selection of courses that comprise of CBT Training, CBT renewal training, A2 and A1 restricted license training, DAS and GEAR conversion course.

They have a current discount promo for all those clients whose CBT Test London certificates have expired in the last six months –they can now avail the standard CBT training course for a reduced price!

This is hands down, London’s top choice for motorcycle training courses. They have a fabulous array of diverse and well-maintained bikes, and material like bike gear, helmets, jackets and gloves are provided on the spot. Formally trained and qualified staff is on board to impart to you the best training you will ever receive, allowing you to choose between female and male instructors. What more could you ask for? Such convenient and economically priced deals sure sound like a good treat!

CBT Test London

Rest-assured, you will be receiving expert training within the confines of a safe and comfortable environment in the form of proper classrooms and learning manuals.

Without further ado, book your class now to avoid any disappointment later on. Their classes can also be booked online, except for a few CBT Training Renewal classes that are limited in number.

You can call them on 0203 544 4433 and get all the information you need. Or you can visit their website: to get a better insight on all their current courses!