The Value of “Hateful”

“Who benefits from this hateful political climate? Certainly not the American people.”

I recently saw this question/statement posted on a late-night talk-show host’s Facebook wall, and found it oddly amusing. I have seen such questions asked all over the Internet during the past few months, and those asking them seem to be suggesting that said-hatred is the curse of all things… that all we really need is love, sweet love.

With all due respect to those who ask the question… to be honest, “Liberty” benefits from said-hatefulness. For far too long those who love Her have been the overt targets of hate, while allowing the most disgusting things to go unchallenged in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘coexistence.’

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
— Thomas Jefferson

We’ve been called the foulest of names because we believe in principles which the mainstream media masters and their willing automatons (a.k.a. “social justice warriors”) have deemed ‘racist’ and ‘sexist,’ though said-principles have nothing to do with either. Now we are speaking out, we are fighting back against the narrative, and they do not like it.

So — in a serious case of projection — they call us all the things they KNOW to be true about themselves. We are not rolling over and taking it any longer, and from that their unhinged shenanigans arise.

Just remember — a “hateful political climate” allowed our forefathers to win a revolution for Independence. Unless one thinks that works like Jefferson’s Declaration and Paine’s “Common Sense” were love letters to King George III, it was a form of political hatred (directed at tyranny, tempered with reason) which led to victory.

Yes, there is currently hatred on both sides; one side bases theirs on ‘whim’ and is incoherently fixated on the symptoms, while the other chooses to base it on ‘thought,’ and targets the disease with laser-sharp focus. In that, the choice is clear.

It’s not about Republican v Democrat anymore, for the choice is far more basic: We either consider ourselves merely an insignificant piece of a larger globalist puzzle (no better than the most oppressive third-world cesspool), or we retain the right to be an entire puzzle within ourselves, a sovereign nation.

Choose between the two, because at this stage of the game that’s all you have with which to work. There is no longer a third option, for the ‘progressives’ on both the left and the right have worked very hard to eliminate it; it’s either-or, my friends — freely stand in Liberty, or obediently kneel in collectivism.

Just know this, with absolute certainty: The time for you to decide which side you are on is running out. Once we turn the corner there is no going back, so choose as if the future of humanity depends on it.

Because it does…