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Please send this article directly to the electors. Or someone tell me how and I’ll do it. Two of the main reasons for establishing the electoral college was that the Founding Fathers wanted to protect the citizenry from a tyrant who manipulated public opinion in order to gain votes and to assure that only a qualified person sits as President of the United States. Donald Trump IS that tyrant who used lies and misinformation and something that the Founding Fathers could never have imagined — the internet (which was flooded with fake “news” stories by people like Paul Horner)— to gain his power. The fact that he is unqualified on so many different levels is clear. Up to now, it all boiled down to a matter of opinion — Trump supporters vs. the majority of Americans who did not vote for him. This conclusion by ethics lawyers about his business dealings changes things. Please send the article to the electors of your State if your State electors feel that they have to vote for Trump since the article makes it clear that they are required to reject him.

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