Hamilton Designed a System to Stop Trump…It’s Called the Electoral College
Greg Berman

The electoral college was established with the intent of protecting the American people from demagoguery AND to make sure that only a qualified person gets elected as President. The founding fathers did not anticipate the creation of the internet which Trump has used relentlessly to spread lies and misinformation. He is the demagogue that Hamilton and others of his day feared and certainly not qualified to be President. So, I say demand that the electors do their real job and not just be a rubber stamp. This is not just about the popular vote. This is truly about protecting America. Just take a look at Trump’s appointees so far. They stand for everything that is un-American. And the fact that Russia is behind the hacking of the DNC is a fact. If the electors don’t do the right thing and deny Trump the Presidency, they are in effect allowing a foreign government to succeed in interfering with our election process. We will never be safe again.

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