A dirty bill with backdoor politics (or more Trumpocracy)

There was a bill Sponsored by Representatives KOTEK, STARK; Representatives KENY-GUYER, and OLSON, SANCHEZ earlier this spring, then as some point, (this is a small lesson in smoke filled rooms) lawyers, politicians, lobbyist and other special interest groups argued over verbiage, wording and definitions. The result? The bill, originally meant to address the issue of affordable housing, now has a few dirty little secrets.

The first being Historic Districts that may be created in Oregon this year, there are only two; Laurelhurst and Eastmoreland, will be prohibited from adopting building standards that are limit density.

The second being that it forces cities, neighbors and neighborhoods to accept homeless camps at churches despite demographics, proximity of support services, and safety concerns.

The third being that it forces cities, neighbors and neighborhood to accept duplexs and triplexes despite prior zoning codes and building codes, and area designations.

Based on the people involved; Mary Kyle McCurdy (1000 Friends of Oregon a wholly owned subsidiary of local pump and dump developers), John Chandler (Oregon Home Builder’s Association), and the Oregon Association of Realtors to create this late added “Amended Definition” this is just another dirty backdoor trick to end-run local self determination. If the KEF, LLC can’t get half the neighborhood to support it or intimidate SHPO into pulling the nomination, the fall back is impeaching the board and voting the HD down, if that doesn’t work the fall back is this dirty worded “definition” hiding in House Bill 2007.

**Mary Kyle McCurdy, is an actual Eastmoreland resident, the Deputy Director for 1000 Friends of Oregon and a lobbyist. She authors much of the KEF website content and testified against Eastmoreland’s nomination for historic designation at the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission, the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation, and elsewhere. She is one of the lobbyist with Tom’s team of lawyers at every neighborhood meeting.

This should concern everyone, not only those of us in this neighborhood debate. I mean again this proves just how desperate and sad a few individuals are to turn this into such a personal matter of power and greed, and how much money is at stake, probable way more than I have ever estimated. But people, they are our places of worship in every neighborhood. How well do you trust your neighbors not to build a duplex or accessory dwelling unit that isn’t in direct line of site of your bathroom or the little sliver of light you get during the winter. This is why we have zoning laws, building codes, and are fighting for a historic district. It is an insurance policy for the future.

The below excerpt is taken from the state legislative site:


“The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor’s brief statement of the essential features of the measure…

Amends definition of “needed housing.”

Prohibits local government from adopting standards regulating development of housing that discourage needed housing through designation of primarily residential neighborhood as national historic district or that reduce density of application if density applied for is be- low authorized density for zone.

Prohibits city or county from prohibiting building duplex or accessory dwelling unit in area zoned for single-family dwellings located within urban growth boundary.

Requires city and county to allow nonresidential place of worship to use real property for affordable housing. “