Eastmoreland Golf Course Target for Developers

WWEEK Breaking news: “Civic Leaders Say Portland Should Close Its City-Owned Golf Courses and Turn Them Into Apartments… City taxpayers might need to subsidize golfers at public courses as soon as July.”

Steve Novick, says the housing crunch calls for giving the golf courses a careful look. “If there’s a clear choice between golf and housing,” Novick says, “housing should win.”

Steve, Portlanders voted you out of office, for statements like this. Is this now a desperate attempt to create your our voter base and become relevant again? Or it to target Eastmoreland once more after your colorful comments comparing us to Occupy Wall Street’s nemesis. “I’m glad that the council didn’t elect to create what I think would have to be described as an R1 Percent zone.” In reference to Eastmoreland requesting a zoning change from R5 to R7 in May of 2016, which historically is closer to what it was.

Interestingly had this zoning change been approved we would not be witnessing the brutal Historic District campaign we are right now. Maybe every once in a while, just maybe, the city and its representatives should listen to its constituents instead of dictating to them. This is a democracy after all. Unless the developers have bought most of our city leaders as well?


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