Home Builders Association plays Portlanders for fools

The NAHB or National Association Home Builders actually awarded the local association of Portland Home builders for pushing their pro-demolition agenda. The award was for defeating a piece of legislation that was introduced 2 years ago. This legislation would have slowed down demolitions and decreased lot splitting to only those properties beyond restoration; derelict by city standards. It would have let homes to get a second chance. More importantly had this not been defeated and had the city not changed our zoning codes we wouldn’t have be driven to the breaking point we are at today; out of options and out of time.

The award praises the HBA of Portland for “attacking the proposal from the left and changing the narrative as a proposal that would disproportionately impact housing affordability and equity” from one of pro infill and demolition. Their arguments against the tax fall just short of admitting it’s for their own financial gain.

Where was the KEF, LLC 2 year ago to participate in conversations and come up with other viable solutions?