Exciting days for Stop Fake Food

Three top members of our team — Darius Montvila, Donatas Černiauskas and Joao Martins — are bringing Stop Fake Food to Asia for two prominent events.

Seoul, September 17–19

Our first stop is South Korea for the B7 Summit at Blockchain Seoul 2018. We are accompanying Vilius Šapoka, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, who will deliver a keynote speech at the Event.

It is an honour to be acknowledged by such high ranking official of our government and we see it as an excellent opportunity to establish partnerships and create awareness of our disruptive solution.

The highlight of this event is the signing of an agreement memorandum for cooperation in Blockchain and Crypto technology between 7 countries, including South Korea and Lithuania.

It is with great pride that we will see our COO Donatas Černiauskas signing the agreement as a representative of Lithuania in the capacity of CEO of the Lithuanian Crypto Economy Organisation. We warmly congratulate our colleague and friend for undertaking such prominent responsibilities.

Singapore, September 19–20

The second stop is one of the most important Blockchain and Crypto events around the world, Consensus: Singapore 2018. Here, our team will be very busy meeting potential investors, but also networking and keeping up-to-date with the state of ever-changing technology.

We cannot stress enough the potential and importance we see in both Seoul and Singapore. Not only these are two of the main cities in the world where Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are deeply rooted and adopted, but also two top-rated technology hubs.

We believe that both markets could greatly benefit from the Stop Fake Food solution to fight food crime.