Age, Date, Artist, Go

I am committed to change. I was once given an assignment in grad school in which I was told to randomly flip to three different pages in a very large dictionary. On each page I was to put my finger down. The three words I landed on were to be used in making a sculpture. There were no do overs. It was honestly the best “out of my comfort” I could have been.

I have decided to recreate the same project through Accept I have searched for Self in the search box, because I need to focus on myself. I have clicked on the page that is my age and since it’s the 18th of November, I will choose the first and eighth listings on the page to inspire me.

  1. Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait (1895)
  2. Article: Model Turned Artist Tali Lennox Talk Instagram, Portraiture, and Painting

Now, what will I create, using the same method as my amazing professor used?

Neither of the artists I view regularly. They’re both painters and I’m a photographer. Granted, there are many writings that support the two being closely related. At the moment I am not very excited about this project but I need to change my commitment to art to being a priority at the same level of school.

For my own records, the link below provides good information.

Considering the previous blog the line “Conflicting emotions suggested in works such as Vampire reflect Munch’s unease about the duality of man’s relationship to woman, in which man longs to abandon himself to love, but fears losing control.” is interesting.

As I’m reading about both works, there are a lot of similarities between the two.

Tali Lennox working on “Layers of Life” in residence at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, 2015. Photo courtesy of Catherine Ahnell Gallery and the artist. From the website

I must create something inspired by the two. Ready set, GO!

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