Lacuna in the education system

The education system in India relies so much on book knowledge that when students get ready for their future, they are left with nothing. They do not have any coping mechanism to deal with the problems that they face later on at the work place or in interactions with people from other parts of the world. There is no scope for practical education or general knowledge in the present education system. It is evident from interactions with various young students who have no understanding of what is going on in their country forget what is happening at the international level. Their lives revolve around preparing for assignments or memorising passages after passages from their books in preparation for their exams. There is so much reliance on book knowledge and what is commonly known as “mugging up” that students are not allowed to think on their own and understand what they are studying. At the time of exams, these students just pour out verbatim whatever they have memorised or mugged up from the book. Apart from the lack of practical education or general knowledge, there is also no chance for creative thinking let alone self-thinking.

Every year, when the board exams start, you get regular updates in the newspapers about how one paper was easy or one paper was so tough that it even brought tears to the poor students or that it completely stumped the students. News reports further say that in some papers, students even had difficulties in managing the time because the questions were too complicated. Are the Boards trying to make the lives of these young students already more miserable than it already is?

Exams lead to marks. When it comes to giving marks, there are so many school boards which randomly give high marks to the students that it becomes difficult for students from other states school boards to get admitted into decent colleges. And it is because of these unnecessary and sometimes undeserving high marks that colleges are deceived and take on such students but later on the student becomes unable to perform as expected and it becomes a cause of depression for the said student sometimes even leading to other serious problems like substance abuse or to the extent of taking his or her own life.

There is an urgent need to overhaul the education system and the sooner it is done, the better it will be for the countless young people who are just starting their education process.