Name Dropping, just kick this habit please

Have you ever been at some occasion or meetings where the people around you constantly talk about being friends with some or the other big shot? The kind of person we’re talking about here would say something like “Oh you know I met the Union Home Minister just the other day and I told him that something has to be done on this issue or that issue”. Sound familiar? Guess everyone has met that kind of person at one point in their lives.

The point is nobody wants to know whom you met or know. The others around simply want to know you of who you are and not for who your big shot friends are. It might be helpful to have big shots as friends but people do get fed up of constantly being barraged with this name dropping business. It becomes boring after a while. So the next time you want to impress someone, don’t talk about your “big shot connections,” Be yourself, people would appreciate you better that way.