Office desk too friendly

The amount of time we spend at work, sometimes it begins to feel more like our home than office so much so that we end up bringing some of our very personal things from home and keep it on our work stations. So when we start work in our new office, some of us like to make our work stations personalized and we add knick-knacks that we bring along with us so that we feel more comfortable in our new surroundings. And as we spend more and more time in the office, we begin to feel so comfortable that we start bringing parts of our home into the office.

For some it would be photographs of families, for others flowers or framed paintings or meaningful quotes to be pinned on our boards. All these things are completely normal.

But bringing stuffed toys, celebrity posters etc to the work place seems completely unprofessional and childish. Especially in a corporate environment, that is taking it too far and to some, it would seem a bit flighty and unprofessional. So maybe there should be a self awareness as to what are the things we should and shouldn’t keep at our workstations.

As individuals we spend maximum time at the workplace and thus it is essential for us to feel comfortable there but desk etiquette should be maintained. One should keep personal life separate from our professional life and need to be a little mature and behave sensibly at the workplace. No matter what, you just can’t afford to adopt a casual attitude at work. A person has to be careful about what he or she wears, speaks or interacts with his fellow workers and so on for an everlasting impression.

Remember few things:

Keep your workstation organized.
> As far as possible avoid keeping stacks of files at your desk. It gives a cluttered look to your workstation.
> Eating at the workstation attracts cockroaches and insects.
> Never peep into your colleagues’ workstation.
> Keep the phone on silent mode and talk in the lounge area.

Lastly remember all your behavior at the work place is noticed by your boss, colleagues and other staff, which are silently recorded in their minds and given a certain impression about your personality. This can affect your promotions and future growth in your organisation.