1 month in to my first developer role

Congratulations on your first month! Coding can be very rewarding when you get to see something you’ve written working well—especially if you’ve had to go through some frustration to get there.

Never worry about not knowing something—it’s a huge field, and there should always be something to learn. If you ever feel like you know everything, it probably means you’ve become complacent and should consider a change.

Some great advice I was given a long time ago: always work with people smarter than you. I started my professional career 17 years ago and still have to look things up, to ask questions to my colleagues, and sometimes ask them to do things for me. Likewise, sometimes they come to me to ask questions or for help. We’re all learning, and all being challenged.

Thanks for writing this post, and I send you my best wishes for the rest of your career. One day soon, it will be your turn to be the mentor giving the answers.

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