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Independent rating agency ICORating that conducts analytical studies and gives ratings to ICO-projects has rated us as “Positive” which is the highest investment rating according to their grading scale. Project advancement level is estimated as “High” and investment risk level as “Low”. Such ranking has allowed us to take one of the leading positions in the agency’s general investment rating.

We’ve passed a long and complicated audit procedure in order to get this mark. …

ImmVRse will use StopTheFakes platform to protect their users’ copyright

StopTheFakes — partnership

Today StopTheFakes Ltd team (StopTheFakes) has entered into an extended cooperation agreement with ImmVRse providing their users with a unique copyright protection system.

А decentralized platform ImmVRse designed for dissemination of VR and AR content, соoperation of authors and advertisers, will provide its users with an opportunity to use StopTheFakes service on special terms. Being a leading anti-piracy system, StopTheFakes, in its turn, will ensure fast and effective detection and elimination of any encroachment on ImmVRse users’ copyright.

Both platforms will adjust their interfaces to ensure that the procedure of creating requests for detection and elimination of copyright infringement instances…

Louis Vuitton —

Counterfeit detection campaign cost calculation and efficacy evaluation

We can state with assurance that system enables to boost effectiveness and significantly reduce counterfeit detection-associated costs. Тo substantiate our point, we offer you an approximate comparative calculation of really massive anti-counterfeit campaign costs.

Our case study will consider the report on anti-counterfeit measures taken by Louis Vuitton brand in 2012. That campaign made quite a splash at the time and was covered widely in mass media.

The results of Louis Vuitton anti-counterfeit campaign

The company’s Intellectual Property Department manages more than 12 000 subjects of the right (brands, original designs, copyright, etc).

The Department workers are the team of professional lawyers and agents, mainly former…

When working on our project we’ve got to know a lot of interesting people. We keep in touch with people from all walks of life: from small-scale entrepreneurs and big companies’ top-managers to government officials and non-governmental organization representatives. And when these people get to know our work they come up with with ever new ideas on how else we can apply StopTheFakes service. For example, in Spain they suggested to us to take an action against corruption. And as it turns out, our anticorruption efforts can be quite effective and budget friendly.

How developed countries control corruption

Non-governmental organizations are hold strong position at…

App (Android) —

We are proud to inform you on reaching yet another step in our project’s journey and managing to keep to our Road Map schedule. As had been announced, we’ve released an app for mobile devices running Android in January 2018. You can download it here. Also, you can watch a detailed video demonstrating the main features of this software in action under this link.

What is this app for

This app is intended for Doers working in StopTheFakes system. All the modes of working with the system become available to the users upon the installation. …

We’ve launched a demo web-based version of service. You can now join our open beta test at WEB.STOPTHEFAKES.CO. You’ll have the opportunity to have a look at our interface and design, create a Request and try out many other features while we continue to work on functionality improvements to make the next versions feature-rich.

We encourage developers, right holders, business people and state workers and all other Internet users to visit our site. We’re looking forward to your comments, suggestions and other feedback. Every voice matters to us. We’ll be equally thrilled to receive both positive and negative feedback…

The service offers not only effective IPR infringement detection system but equips the users with viable methods of tackling violations. Most of the processes are computerized and don’t require taking even the smallest efforts on our part.

In the vast majority of cases one can make offender change his mind by filing a substantiated complaint, by far this is the easiest and most effective method. If the offenders also operate within the legal framework it’s in their best interest to settle a lawsuit amicably and refrain from criminal activity altogether. …

What do I get if I work for you?

Doers are remunerated in STFcoin tokens for completing the requestors’ assignments. The STFcoin is a cryptocurrency that is easily convertible to any fiat money right on our service or at any cryptocurrency stock exchange. As the number of requestors grows, the token’s price will increase too.

How much can I earn?

The amount depends on the doer’s standing and on the amount and quality of the information provided. One alert consisting of, say, five photos will earn you $25. Video shooting is more lucrative, with an average price of $40 for a video made at the location of an infringement. You can get some $15… — blockchain service anti-counterfeit and copyright infringement

The core principles of project:

  • Global reach. We are going to аddress copyright offences worldwide, reagardless of the jurisdiction they belong to.
  • Large-scale participation. We invite а great number of Doers such as regular Internet users and consumers. Geographic location and language, as well as goods consumed are virtually of no difference. Everyone is welcome to detect offences and register these findings with the right holders.
  • Transparency. We operate within legal framework and have nothing to hide. All of our information will be accessible to public, except for confidential data.
  • Speed. The earlier an infringement is detected the less…

Who is intended for?

Any person or company can use our services. Our main target audience are holders of intellectual property rights who own the following:

• Brand names

• Trade marks

• Copyright and related rights

• Rights to videos, photos and pictures

• Patents

• Unique technologies

• Corporate identity

• Original design

Individuals and legal entities also may use for other purposes unless prohibited by the law.

What is the use of your service?

With, you can collect photos or videos in any part of the world or on the Internet. Anyone can collect data under full anonymity. The system guarantees that the information gathered with…

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