A simple how-to instruction to get on the Whitelist

Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Whitelist — StopTheFakes.io

You can apply for Whitelist starting on 24/02/2018 (09:00 AM EST Time). Please, make it on time to be enlisted in the White List. We will close it once it’s full without any additional announcements.

We’re forming the White list and conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure joined in one unified form so that:

  • To confirm your determination
  • To check your citizenship to ensure observance of legal regulations (unfortunately, the US citizens are not allowed to take part in the Token sale)
  • To comply to international law and legal code of other jurisdictions so as to remain fully law-abiding

How to apply

1. Go to the following site https://stopthefakes.io/ and click on “TAKE PART IN THE WHITELIST”

2. If registered, log in to your personal account, if not, follow a simple and quick registration procedure that would take up to 1 minute

3. Fill in all the fields − Name and last name, date of birth and a country of citizenship. If you don’t have the last name enter “No surname” in the respective field.

4. Specify your own Ethereum address to receive purchased STF tokens. Keep in mind that you can’t use exchange wallet.

5. Specify how much you are going to invest and enter a promo-code if you have any.

6. Click on “Upload” button and upload a file with an image of your passport or driver’s license. Eligible file size is up to 4 Mb

7. Click on “I agree” button to officially signify that you confirm the above entered information and agree to all the rules

We’ll check your application on short notice and will send you a confirmation of you enrolling to the Whitelist or a declination letter to the email address you specified.

The reasons for declining applications for White list

  • An applicant who knowingly presents false information is to be dismissed. This includes providing data that does not correspond with information presented in the photos of documents
  • All applications that bear signs of spam, hacker attack or an attempt to steal private data are to be declined
  • All applications that show signs of fraud or any other illegal activity are to be declined

Bear in mind that you can reapply for White list only one time.

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