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We took an interest in the problem of intellectual property rights over a year ago. At first glance, this may seem like a boring topic to take an interest in. Someone selling fake Louis Vuitton bags or uploading pirated films onto the Internet…so what? However, this topic is far more interesting and far more important that it may seem at first. Counterfeiting kills hundreds of children in South-East Asia; children get sick with malaria, their families take a long time to find the money to buy expensive medication…and it turns out that the medication is a fake. In fact, one in three medications sold is a copy.

Giant factories in China are staffed by child labourers, receiving a laughable wage for long hours of hard work. Most child labourers working in these factories are born without the State’s authorization and therefore have no passport. They cannot vote, have no access to health service and cannot even travel to Beijing if they wished to do so; which is why they are welcomed with open arms by factories producing fake merchandise.


We don’t like the current state of the world — and that’s why we want to change it for the better. However, we’re not completely selfless and our noble intentions are not our only incentive. At a conservative estimate, the global counterfeiting market amounts to over $461 billion; the pirated software market alone is $63 billion. We won’t even try to estimate the pirated content market.

As a rule, criminals sell counterfeited goods and services at a much lower price. In other words, the above mentioned sums should be multiplied by at least 3 in order to estimate how much rights holders are losing — it ends up being quite an impressive sum, doesn’t it? The total sum turns out to be higher than the costs of advertising all over the world — some $547 billion.

Let us be entirely frank: our objective is to destroy this market and to earn money by protecting the holders of intellectual property rights.


Are you doubtful that a small team, even of highly qualified specialists, can bring down this giant industry? Well, you may be right there — but we aren’t going to be working on our own. We intend to create a huge army of people fighting piracy and fake goods by having millions of people from all over the world join our ranks and make a decisive dent in the industry. We would like to invite you to join us to change the world and to get proper remuneration for your work.


We created StopTheFakes.io with a view to build up a strong community of people. In this global system, rights holders can involve all consumers in searching for locations that sell fakes and pirated content.

  • Blockchain technology guarantees that no proof will be lost or modified.
  • Ethereum-based smart contracts guarantee that no doer will be unpaid.
  • STF tokens guarantee that transactions will be as cheap and quick as possible.

Our interface is simple and user-friendky: please visit our website, StopTheFakes.io, and see for yourself.

Right holders

If you want to protect your rights, all you need to do is visit our website and submit a request. All doers will receive a notification of your request in no time at all and get to work immediately. The request remains active and people will search for infringements until all copies of your work, fake goods, etc. are sufficiently eradicated. Searching for rights infringements is by far the most cost-effective solution than any already existing system.

It doesn’t particularly matter if you need to find a website that is hosting pirated content or a brick-and-mortar shop selling fake goods. Just submit your request and we will provide you with as many doers as possible.

Don’t feel like learning about out interface and reading instructions? Just get in touch with our office and we are happy to help.


Yes, you understood correctly — rights holders are ready to remunerate you for your work. You can join our “cyberpolice”, provided you have a personal computer or a smartphone. Abiding by laws and informing rights holders about infringements pays off.

Not only will you be making the world a better place, you’ll also be competing with other doers to be ranked as the best or most active doer, which in turn will get you bonuses, awards and other incentives.

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