StopTheFakes team took part in Blockchain Leadership Summit

Blockchain Summit — StopTheFakes

We’ve had some free time at the beginning of spring and decided to put it to good use by keeping in touch and exchanging experience with the colleagues. Having received the invitation by Blockchain Leadership Summit, we’ve headed for Zurich, Switzerland, on Friday, March the 9th. Our leading advisor, Ruben Godfree, was one of the speakers on the list that was topped by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and Sergey Glazyev, advisor to the president of the Russian Federation.

The event focused on how blockchain-based projects and investments in them influence social and economic spheres. It’s these topics that the speeches revolved around.

Оur project has been mentioned quite often at the summit. Some of the speakers stated StopTheFakes should be considered a role model, in particular, they talked about high social responsibility and its potential influence on economics. Experts noted that our model allows not only to solve computer piracy and counterfeit problems, but makes it easier to deal with certain social implications. Implementing the system is of immediate necessity for developing countries where labor market has accumulated a lot of free resources which resulted in many unresolved issues in the social sphere.

In his speech, our representative Ruben Godfree has focused on the need to implement control in the blockchain sphere. The regulation is positively needed in order to improve the market’s efficiency. Unfortunately, the present level of the bureaucratic system, even in EU countries, is not ready to meet this change. Ruben also discussed another current topic — that of industry associations. This issue has spurred many worries as blockchain projects tend to avoid joining their efforts because of the spirit of rivalry. Such lack of coordination makes them easy to target for critics and opponents. The audience has agreed on the main points of Ruben’s report and so he was heartily welcomed by long ovation. It makes us so proud to know that such people as Godfree are a part of our team. This brings the team together, solidifies its spirit and makes us push even harder towards our goals.

The event turned out to be very beneficial for our networking and also has brought some food for speculation. A set of methods and practices we’ve learned about during workshops and panels has blown our mind both because of their simplicity and innovative nature. We are going to implement many of those aspects in our own products.

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