StopTheFakes took part in RegTech Unconference

We take part only in the most important conferences, seminars and other high tech-themed mass hangouts. We put all our time and energy in developing software so as to release it even ahead of Road Map schedule. But we wouldn’t miss a special event in Madrid, capital of Spain, for the world! The very name of the event — Unconference, already sounds special as if implying its innovative nature, as in “Contraconference”. We’ve been invited not only as guests but as speakers.

What waited for us in a store were age-old topics: cyber safety, BigData, managing risks and tax liability, AI and blockchain. Only founders and CEOs of companies were invited. This is how we’ve met some famous people like Rodrigo García from Finnovating, Jesús Pérez from FinTech Ventures, Beatrice Cherrolaza from Alise Devices and Carlos Albo from Wenalyze. It’s these people who decide what tomorrow would look like. There is something satisfying in just standing beside them at the event.

Our representatives speech has stirred genuine interest among the audience. We’ve presented our project’s goals and the steps of its development. Further on, we’ve raised a problem of legislative regulation of blockchain applications and cryptocurrency market in the EU. We’ve outlined a range of problems that high-tech companies face when trying to implement innovations. This stirred up quite a heated discussion with many participant speaking up their mind on the raised issues. But there were questions where everyone found a common ground — that is, that copyright needs to be protected and that blockchain technology will develop rapidly in all European countries.

We want to thank all participants and organizers. The event has been much more than sharing of opinions, it’s been a bright creative platform where new ideas pop up in the middle of a discussion, where new projects and trends of the industry being created in real time. Our project has received so much positive feedback, people especially liked our niche of choice — copyright protection Participants and organizers have had an opportunity to conceive the importance and global nature of this problem. For piracy and counterfeit is something all the companies face no matter of its niche.

We’ve picked up a lot of interesting ideas, especially in the fields of cyber safety and risk management. We’ll make the new ideas a reality and will start a cooperation with specialized professionals. It takes combined efforts to build an unfailing unauthorized access-proof platform that can effectively deal with high loading.

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