Watch the Programme on StopTheFakes on Public Television of Russia, the Country’s №1 Channel

StopTheFakes — Blockchain project

It’s the first time that national Russian channel is airing a programme on Blockchain project. No other startup hasn’t managed to attract such media coverage. The project team took part in a new episode of Prav!Dа? TV show aired by Russian PBS.

We held discussion with the host of the show, Dmitry Lyskov, invited experts and viewers on various points, including the counterfeit market situation, the idea behind project, some of our achievements and future prospects. The programme will be aired on TV and will be available at till the end of this year.

The premise of Prav!Dа? show is to encourage open dialogue between the participants, host and invited experts. We’ve been asked a number of pointed questions so we often had to engage in debate and stand our ground. But we believe we did a good job. The capacity of StopTheFakes system, coordinated actions of law-enforcement agencies and the real impact our society bears on the offenders were just a few points under discussion.

There have been raised some issues concerning the development of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market in the Russian Federation. The participants have unanimously agreed that with economy diversification on course there arises pressing need to implement state-of-the-art technologies.

We express our heart-felt gratitude to the TV channel administration, hosts, critics and viewers for their participation and the interest for our creation. Our mutual efforts resulted in creating an interesting programme which would hopefully appeal to general public.

This was the first time StopTheFakes appeared on big TV channel but it wouldn’t be our last. Discover the upcoming events on our site and stay tuned. Don’t be shy to ask questions, we are always open to discussion!

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