Do immigrants have better prospects in the US than born citizens?
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So for every US Military who never returned from protecting like now over 222 foreign soils…we are to give up…their entire sacrifice and their Ancestral Heritage and if they have a living family or perhaps they were l8 years of age whom never had the opportunity to begin a family: all to be taken over by an overpopulated nation while the USA serves as their relief valve. Amazing: what other nation makes it priority FOREIGN ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADWHORES…and their products…multi et all…Let me know…so I can APPLY THERE and be a priority on another soil…since as an American of l2 Generations I AM NOT! DIAL# Spanish TRILLIONS for those invadwhores and their products to NEVER ASSIMILATE in the USA..and yet they have an entire CONTINENT…from which they ran as cowards! For those who live to love to hate the USA: get out!

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