5 Things Storage Facility Managers Wish That Customers Knew

Customers can learn much about Storage Units in Pompano Beach if they ask the right questions, but many never do. While renting a unit is relatively straightforward, there are ways to maximize the experience. Below are several things facility owners wish customers knew.

It’s Important to Provide Accurate Contact Info

Many people put little thought into filling out the papers to rent a unit. For instance, a customer may put their current address although they’re in the process of moving. If a customer doesn’t furnish the right information, the facility can’t communicate with them. Take a few extra minutes to ensure that everything is correct, and stay in the know.

Storage Facilities Hate Selling Customers’ Stuff

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While TV shows may encourage customers to believe otherwise, facilities don’t make much of a profit when they’re forced to auction off the stuff inside a unit. Most auctions are held to make up for lost rent, but in most cases, the facility doesn’t come out ahead.

Stay Out of the Dumpster

Is the unit filled with unwanted items? If so, a clean-out may involve a dumpster rather than a truck. While it may be convenient (and tempting) to simply throw everything into the facility’s dumpster, most places don’t like it. It’s best to ask first, especially when throwing away big items.

24-Hour Access Isn’t Always Necessary

For many people, the term “24 hours” connotes ease and convenience. In a world where anytime access is important, it seems reasonable that all-hours access should be standard at storage facilities. However, offering 24-hour entry means that the facility must always be staffed, and it creates additional liability. From the customer’s point of view, 24-hour access is more expensive, and in many cases, it’s not required.

Asking Questions is OK

There are no silly questions when renting a storage unit. Facility managers aren’t just there to rent units; they’re there to serve customers. If questions arise about the lease, a payment or how to store something, it’s OK to ask.

Storage Units in Queens can provide customers with the resources needed to recycle, store and care for their belongings, and managers can be a great source of information. By asking the right questions, consumers can make informed decisions.

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