Noah Ruderman, Facebook Engineer, Joins Storecoin as a Technology Advisor

Storecoin Team
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

A software engineer who has built a career studying online privacy and cryptocurrency architectures has joined @StorecoinTeam as technology advisor.

Noah Ruderman is a software engineer for Facebook and one of Storecoin’s newest advisors.

Noah Ruderman describes himself as a problem-solver. A former physics student who studied at Brandeis, Tufts University and the University of California at Berkeley, Ruderman is employed by tech giant Facebook.

“Noah is one of the sharpest and most thoughtful thinkers — in the world — on blockchain security, engineering, and economics. We’re lucky to work with him,” said Storecoin creator Chris McCoy.

Storecoin is a new public blockchain powered by DyPoS. Our mission is to become the zero-fee, p2p payment infrastructure for the globe.

With its decentralized governance system with built-in checks and balances inspired by the U.S. Constitution, the supply and demand principles of Uber Surge Pricing (blockchain economics) and Power of Attorney (blockchain scaling), Storecoin will secure crypto-powered incentives and payments inside of apps.

“Some of the properties that this platform will possess are first of its kind, like governance with checks and balances,” Ruderman said. “The design and parameters are being determined by ongoing research and existing research that is taking these choices from a ‘sounds reasonable’ perspective to ‘this can be empirically justified.’ “

Ruderman said he is helping the Storecoin Team design a platform with important properties such as flexibility, scalability, decentralization and absence of transaction fees.

Storecoin is currently involved in Research and Development to ensure that it can successfully deliver on these key criteria.

Storecoin Team

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Storecoin is a zero-fee, high throughput, and decentralized cryptocurrency with a Governance of checks and balances.