Storedig TOPBTC Vote Bounty

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STOREDIG has been added to the voting list on TOPBTC exchange. TOPBTC has been a popular exchange request from the Storedig community.

When the bounty goes live, there will be a tweet on twitter: will include the directions to receive the bounty.

How to Vote :
1. Login to TopBTC
2. Access voting link here
3. Search SDIG (Last rank 12)
4. Access voting history and upload your screenshot vote history here
5. Retweet
6. Join STOREDIG at Telegram and

Rules :
1. For free vote (1 vote get 3000 SDIG, 2 vote 6000 SDIG, 3 vote 9000 SDIG, 4 vote 12000 SDIG, ……………100 vote get 300,000 SDIG)

2. For pay vote 50 SDIG / vote (Ex. if your pay vote 2000 vote, 500 SDIG x 2000 votes = you get 500,000 SDIG)

You can vote repeatedly

Storedig Shop

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