How to Contribute to the Storeplex Pre-ICO

The Storeplex Pre-ICO is now live, offering potential investors the opportunity to help support the development and promotion of the Storeplex marketplace.

By contributing to our Pre-ICO, investors will receive PLEX tokens at a discounted price which can then be used to buy goods and services listed on the Storeplex marketplace. These tokens can also be used by sellers on the platform to promote their listings and to purchase account upgrades. Alternatively, investors can choose to exchange their PLEX tokens on exchanges in the future.

During the Pre-ICO, we are also offering investors a 100% bonus on their purchase.

The standard Pre-ICO rate is 2500 PLEX for 1 ETH. With the bonus applied, investors will receive 5000 PLEX per ETH. This bonus is applied automatically upon making a contribution to our Pre-ICO smart-contract.

That means that each PLEX costs $0.09 per token.

For comparison, the average ICO price will be $0.50 per PLEX token.

We have made it incredibly quick and easy to take part in the Storeplex Pre-ICO. We do not require our users to register or log-in to participate in the token sale.

Currently you can contribute to the Pre-ICO is by sending Ether to this contract address: 0x8daacd62b0d0a1b43d9eb0eda36caa0bb10f816d

You must send a minimum of 0.01 Ether and set the gas limit to at least 300,000. If you send less than 0.01 Ether or more than 15 Ether, the contract will reject the transaction and return the Ether to you.

Giveaway Draw

We are pleased to announce that everyone who contributes to the Pre-ICO before the end of June, regardless of the amount, will be entered into a draw to win free PLEX tokens. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive one of three prizes:

1st Prize: 50,000 PLEX (worth $25,000)

2nd Prize: 25,000 PLEX (worth $17,500)

3rd Prize: 10,000 PLEX (worth $5,000)

*($ value based on average ICO price)