Storeplex Marketplace Minimum Viable Product is now LIVE!

After many months and hundreds of hours of development, we’re happy to be able to finally announce that the Storeplex Marketplace MVP is now live and ready for our community to try out!

We have worked hard to release our MVP as we feel that a minimum viable product acts as a safeguard for the contributors of our Initial Coin Offering. This is because the product, in this case the marketplace, has been developed with what we hope are sufficient features to satisfy early investors. Our aim is to reassure token holders that we possess the skills and dedication required to complete this project.

Unlike any other e-commerce ICO, Storeplex is the only one to offer a functioning minimum viable product that utilises the blockchain. If a small team is able to achieve this, then why can these much larger, well-funded teams not do the same? This makes us question their true intentions.

It is also worth mentioning that the minimum viable product in no way reflects the final version of the marketplace. There will be significantly more features, and the current feature list will be greatly expanded upon.

Right now, users who log-in to their MetaMask account on the Rinkeby network and have test Ether can create listings, make purchases, edit account settings and mark items as dispatched and received. This is the basic functionality that a marketplace needs to function. Better yet, all of this is done on the blockchain by initialising our Storeplex smart-contract.

A quick look at the Storeplex Marketplace

Even if you don’t have MetaMask or are viewing the marketplace on a mobile device, you can still browse the marketplace and get a feel of what we’re trying to achieve.

We want to stress that this is not just any ordinary demo or MVP you have seen from many other projects. This is a fully functioning marketplace MVP operating on the Ethereum blockchain, right now.

You can access the MVP here:

You will need to have MetaMask installed and be using the Rinkeby network in order to interact with the marketplace.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on our MVP, please feel free to join our Telegram channel and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

You can find out more information about Storeplex on our website here.