Storeplex Weekly Update — June 18

To keep our community informed and up-to-date with what we are working on, we will be posting weekly update blogs every Monday.

The past week has been an incredibly busy one for the team as we work towards our release of the Storeplex Marketplace MVP. In addition to that, we have already run four airdrop rounds which have reached a combined 3500 participants!

Our project is still very young and there’s a lot of hard work ahead of us.

MVP Development

Sneak Preview of the Marketplace

Development of the Storeplex Marketplace MVP has been on-going for well over 6 months now having started in late 2017. It goes without saying that developing a decentralised e-commerce marketplace from scratch is no easy task but we’ve made significant progress in the last few months and we are now almost ready for our first public release.

The first public release of the Storeplex Marketplace will act as our minimum viable product and we hope it will secure potential investor’s trust in our capabilities to develop the marketplace that we envision. This means that in its current form, it functions as a marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services from one another.

As there are still a number of features we will be adding to the marketplace over the month few weeks and months, this MVP will serve as a demonstration of how our marketplace will work. Users will be able to browse the marketplace, create listings, make purchases and use basic account functions such as marking items as dispatched and received.

Our original plan was to release the MVP to the public last week. Unfortunately, extensive testing of the marketplace before release revealed a few issues which we needed to address before we were satisfied with releasing it.

Thankfully we have been able to solve these problems and are now working on the finishing touches to get the marketplace to a state we’re happy with.
Providing that everything goes to plan and no unforeseen issues arise, we will be releasing the MVP to the public next Monday, June 25.


Since we first announced Storeplex less than two weeks ago, we have already managed to run four airdrop rounds. So far we consider our airdrops to have been hugely successful, having helped us reach a large number of people in such a short space of time. We’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in an airdrop for your interest and support.

As you can imagine, running these airdrops has taken up a significant portion of our time. Once we receive all the submissions for each round, we have to go through each application to verify that they have provided the correct links and have met the requirements. We decided to do this as we wanted our airdrops to be fair for everyone. Therefore, we have tried our best to prevent users from signing up multiple times in order to farm the airdrop. While we can never ensure 100% accuracy, we have caught dozens, if not hundreds of potential cheats.

To help our users to know whether or not they have been successful, we have released a public spreadsheet containing all of the successful wallet addresses for all four rounds which we have run so far. Make sure you select the round you applied for from the tabs at the bottom.

You can view this spreadsheet here:

The last airdrop will take place on Friday, June 22 and will have 1,500 places available. Each successful participant will receive 100 PLEX.

All airdrop tokens will be sent out to participants once our PLEX token sale has concluded.

You can find all the requirements and information regarding the Storeplex airdrops in our ANN thread here:


Last Monday saw us open up our Pre-ICO which allowed our community to purchase PLEX tokens at a discounted rate.

Firstly, we would like to thank every single person who has purchased PLEX tokens so far, regardless of the amount. It’s one thing seeing the amount of interest our airdrop has attracted but it’s another to see people who believe enough in what we’re doing to purchase tokens with their own money.

As some of you may have noticed, we have since removed the Pre-ICO token sale section from our website and have instead replaced it with a new countdown.

What this means is that while the Pre-ICO isn’t technically closed, we are looking at doing a re-launch with a much improved marketing strategy to help maximise our success.

It was always our intention that we would release the Storeplex Marketplace MVP alongside the start of our token sale as we felt that it was our major selling point and what makes us unique compared to most other ICOs currently available as we have a fully working product. Unfortunately, as touched upon earlier in this post, some unforeseen problems arose which meant we felt it best not to release the MVP.

This had a knock-on effect on our marketing strategy as it left us unable to use the MVP in our marketing to attract new potential investors. This week we are working hard on implementing marketing for Storeplex which we are sure will attract lots of new users and investors to our community.

We have also worked on simplifying the process of purchasing PLEX tokens directly from our site. From some of the feedback we received, some users felt that it was too time consuming and confusing. We have taken this feedback on-board and have made the appropriate changes.

The Storeplex Pre-ICO will be available from our website when the MVP is ready. We anticipate this to be Monday, June 25.

You can still purchase PLEX tokens right now though if you wish by sending Ether to this contract address: 0x8daacd62b0d0a1b43d9eb0eda36caa0bb10f816d

You must send a minimum of 0.01 Ether and set the gas limit to at least 300,000. If you send less than 0.01 Ether or more than 15 Ether, the contract will reject the transaction and return the Ether to you.


We are pleased to announce that everyone who contributes to the Pre-ICO, regardless of the amount, will be entered into a draw to win free PLEX tokens.

Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive one of three prizes:

1st Prize: 50,000 PLEX (worth $25,000)

2nd Prize: 25,000 PLEX (worth $17,500)

3rd Prize: 10,000 PLEX (worth $5,000)

*($ value based on average ICO price)

You must send at least 0.01 Ether to the smart-contract as that is the minimum contribution amount. You also must set the minimum gas amount to 300,000. Any smaller amounts of Ether will be rejected and sent back.


Over the weekend we released a survey asking for our community’s thoughts and feedback on a number of topics, ranging from e-commerce in general to the Storeplex Marketplace and our ICO.

So far we have collected over 150 responses and the feedback has been invaluable.

We want to hear what experiences you’ve had using other sites such as eBay and Amazon, both good and bad. We want our community to help us shape the Storeplex Marketplace and this is one way in which you can have your say.

Everyone who completes the survey will also receive 20 PLEX for their time.

You can fill out the survey here:


Here are the main points from this week’s update.

Development for the first release of the Storeplex Marketplace MVP has almost finished. Public release scheduled for Monday, June 25.

The final airdrop round will take place on Friday, June 22 at 8pm UK time and will have 1,500 places available.

Pre-ICO token sale removed from website, marketing strategy being put in place for re-launch of token sale and release of MVP.

You can still purchase PLEX tokens by sending Eth to our token sale smart-contract. Details here: