What it means to be Jobless on a Wednesday

Wednesdays are those days of the week that get even the best of us thinking about their jobs. It’s just far away from a soggy, life draining Monday. It’s also that time of the week when one gets the first glimpse of a weekend aka “finally, Friday is here!”

That’s what gets you wondering. Why do I wait for Saturday so badly? Do I really hate my job? Or do I just like to concur with work-related internet memes? Nevertheless, Wednesdays get everyone to wonder.

Not me. I wrote that down because I am in an upmarket cafe tucked away in a noisy, yet classy part of Kuala Lumpur, where I overheard two young, vivacious Chinese female minds chattering away their weekend plans. I don’t understand Cantonese, but the words “weekend” and “shopping” strike a chord in my out-of-job, not-a-shopaholic-for-now heart.

Honestly, I didn’t think about missing Wednesdays when I put down my papers four months ago. Wednesdays clearly don’t fall into a priority list while you’re planning on finishing up some pretty awesome episodes of Orange is The New Black! (Fuck yeah! Piper) Or when you finally get to know what ‘exit interviews’ really mean.

Oh, Wednesday. You charming little thing. How I yearn to enjoy you like a busy bee. Finishing up with my mid-week reports, taking stock of deadlines and slyly tweeting away about my boss’s bad breath. There were also some occasional peeps into my suddenly active LinkedIn profile.

Would I want to trade that feeling for a bowl of quinoa with organic vegetables and locally-produced mango milkshake (wannabe order, I know), while I write a blog in the cafe all afternoon? Yes. Yes, I would!

*Gloats away her jobless ass-face*

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