Decentralized workforce

Blockchain and Smart Contracts develop every day. They help to build truly decentralized workforce networks. As for a decentralized workplace, it is a gathering together workers, and they are not controlled by a central authority and have no need in «boss».

Using the Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies permit to build special decentralized and self governing networks. In these ecosystems, employers post tasks and any worker can do it. After that another users check the results and decide it to be payed or not. In the case of success, the payment will be done with the help of Blockchain.

It seems to be the same situation when in the Old West people tried to catch the criminal together, and the fastest person wins. Nowadays freelancers are trying to «catch the task» and do it as fast, as possible to get their money.

Now, by means of decentralizing workforce it is possible to solve any problem. For sure, such unites as consulting, marketing, and software development are some of the industries that would get a great benefit from decentralized workforce.

Of course, there are some difficulties. For now, the biggest aim is to think over how to encourage people who check ready works, we can name them ‘job reviewers’. There are some platforms where users are allowed to get some bounties for their reviews. In such services, submissions sending automatically that might to be reviewed by other users.

One of the important tasks will be to setup a proper rewards structure. It is necessary to create system where money will pass from the employer to the worker after the supervisionof a task. Usual currencies in such systems aren’t quoted. For this purpose cryptocurrency is an ideal option. As an example transactions can be done by Ethereum or Bitcoin.

In recent years, the branch of online freelance has received unreal popularity in the World. For workers and employers are offered the comfortable working conditions. Further, thanks to a blockchain, the entire branch will become decentralized, all problems will be fixed. It will attract even more people in network workforce.

With the help of our decentralized platform you can create your own market and sell any goods, without visiting any pestered office, spending no time to get to work, and all of this you will have at your PC .

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