Tardigrade is the world’s first enterprise-grade, decentralized cloud storage service. Through decentralization, Tardigrade is more secure, more performant, more affordable, and more private by default than centralized cloud providers.

What exactly is decentralized cloud storage? On the user’s end, it operates exactly the same as traditional cloud storage options like…

By Krista Spriggs And Jessica Grebenschikov

Here at Storj Labs we just migrated our production databases from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB. We want to share why we did this and what our experience was.

TL;DR Our experience has convinced us that CockroachDB is the best horizontally scalable database choice in 2020.

Why use a horizontally scalable database in the first place?

The significant shift toward remote work brought on by the pandemic looks like it’s going to have a lasting effect mainly because of the long list of benefits, from increased productivity to general employee satisfaction. While the shift to remote work has a lot of great things going for it…

Managing a remote team might be an entirely new concept for you. Because of COVID-19, many of us are working from home full-time, for the first time, and will be doing that for the foreseeable future. At Storj Labs, most of our team is already remote — we have employees…

The internet was designed to be decentralized. When you send a message, stream media, or do a video conference, you don’t worry about which routers your data is passing through, who owns them, or whether some may be down. The decentralized model for internet communications has delivered multiple orders of…

Storj Labs

Storj (pronounced storage) is an open source decentralized cloud storage platform. Learn more at https://storj.io.

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