STORK and the London ECOBUILD

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How can we challenge ourselves to build a temporary but sustainable structure with STORK for an architecture exhibition?

The challenge to develop of a temporary structure to exhibit STORK | stone & cork at an architecture event in London UK was huge. With an implantation area of 25 sqm, defined by a quadrangular shape that faces 3 sides with active circulation routes, this task was immediately accepted by our team.

Initial sketches made for structure designed for carrying STORK product.

Choosing what to exhibit to a vast public with several interests (architects, builders, interior designers, among others) is not easy, especially when dealing with a design and construction solution that can suit several different applications to fit an even larger number of design projects.

The temporary structure also had to fulfil the requirement of being build at least with 70% recyclable materials and had to be built in the maximum period of 2 working days.

The conceptual approach of this very particular design was based on the initial briefing that our STORK team had with the highly skilled architectural team of LXM studio architects. They focused on the potentialities of this revolutionary product; a lightweight composite panel made of natural stone and cork agglomerate with outstanding properties for cladding or flooring, both internal and external, for new builds or renovations.

The design was intended to be disruptive with a graphical image that suits the purpose of creating an iconic shape to catches the attention of any regular visitors.

Artwork made by the team of Architects to ensure all aspects of the project have been considered.

Following this line of work, it was LXM´s intention to create an object that recreates the product framework and its spectrum of applications (e.g. walls, ceilings, roofs, and flooring). It was planned that the object and/or the product is decoded to become understandable how the product can be used in full potential to a wide range of public. A custom made window was design and produced to show the detail of two different elements: ventilated facade and glass facade.

To avoid design misconceptions and to minimize on-site difficulties,the structure was previously installed in factory before shipment.

Impressive works deserve careful attention by everyone.
Checking all details is crucial when preparing a new demanding project.

Structure exterior cladding included 27 sqm of a soft, homogeneous beige Portuguese limestone Moleanos. This natural stone is one of many that can be reinforced with our cork composite to origine to STORK. Usually a 1 x 1 (m) limestone slab weights overs 60 kg but here, due to STORK lightweight effect, each panel weighted less than 25 kg.

The interior structure was differentiated by employing 9 sqm of a Portuguese textured marble Art Deco which gave the system a perfect classic look and luminosity. Some areas were left without cladding, to allow anyone visiting this structure could also observe the details of all metallic structure framming the facade.

Stork cladding panels was indeed the most challenging application to instal. These panels are cladded with a common interlocking fixing system due to invisible anchors on the panels backside. This system proved to be extremely versatile, working well with a variety of backside mechanical systems on both exterior and interior applications. This very simple assembly system offers extremely fast construction feeds, greatly reducing field labor.

Installing before shipping is never easy, but our team was incredibly effcient.

As in every high quality facade project, STORK panels installation followed engineering shop drawings, assuring all dimensions and exact panel locations will be compliant to the project.

STORK panels installation progressed vertically but this job can also be done horizontally depending on how the panels have been staged. As this structure has already a certain degree of complexity, it is recommended to apply a small amount of soap film onto sections for lubrication to assist the final engagement. Careful attention was paid to panel joints while being installed, to fulfil properly alignment criteria. In this installation the shims were left in the joints until they were finally caulked to ensure that the panels did not shift position. The final work was carried out in due time; an outstanding work carried out by an extraordinary team.

Timelapse of this great project ready to be seen all over the world.

The final project was visited by more than 2000 people that were never indifferent to the impact caused by STORK. More than 300 companies have asked for technical details, possible design applications and quotations for all sorts of projects.

STORK shows how simple it is to combine 2 highly appreciated natural materials.
There is nothing like being surrounded by nature … everywhere.

Natural stone, natural cork and a sustainable process that overcomes all expectations, together with an architectural project designed by those using the product are the best ingredients for making success story. But the Ecobuild event is more than just a success story. The challenge of creating a project from scratch using a highly innovative product was seen as “no brainer” by everyone involved.

The project demonstrated how safe and easy it is to install on all types of substrates or partition substructures (both interior and exterior). Using simple demonstration, visitors confirmed the product as an appropriate option for soffits and suspended ceilings. STORK panels achieve Group 1 fire rating and have great long-term properties. Ideal for new and retrofit projects, easy to install with invisible fixings, making installations fast and simple.

Playing with STORK’s large panels was unquestionably one of the most fascinating moments of Ecobuild.


# Over 50% weight reduction # 30% increase in Thermal efficiency # 10% reduction in noise transmission # 100% elastic recovery # Up to 40% savings of cost per project.



ECOBUILD was a living proof that the future of stone is assured. No project is already too small or too difficult to withstand the new features brought by STORK. Along with the most important brands worldwide, this new solution exceeds all products made so far.

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This story only possible thanks to the work of many people involved in the project. Among them, 2 persons have lived into the project till its very end: Joel Pinheiro and Vera Pires. This story was finally edited by Pedro Amaral.


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STORK is a composite product made of Natural Stone and Cork, where the aesthetics is produced by the stone compound layer. Produced in Portugal