How can we challenge ourselves to build a temporary but sustainable structure with STORK for an architecture exhibition?

The challenge to develop of a temporary structure to exhibit STORK | stone & cork at an architecture event in London UK was huge. With an implantation area of 25 sqm, defined by a quadrangular shape that faces 3 sides with active circulation routes, this task was immediately accepted by our team.

Initial sketches made for structure designed for carrying STORK product.

Choosing what to exhibit to a vast public with several interests (architects, builders, interior designers, among others) is not easy, especially when dealing with a design and construction solution that can suit several different applications to fit an even larger number of design projects.

When an airspace master student studying noise absorption on cork agglomerates pays attention to a few crazy ideas of a 40 years old materials engineering Professor, specialist in natural stone from the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisboa, Portugal), the outcome is always unpredictable.

“What if we try to bind stone and cork together as one?” — said the youngster. “Finally, someone suggests me about the ideas I am trying to put up together for ages” — my personal thoughts at the time.

Airspace Engineers working on the ground level

Any story has a beginning and this was no different. Traditionally, STOne and cORK are well known materials for…

If you are dealing with a cladding project this article is for you!

Having in mind the main difficulties of facade designers and architects we have sum up some ideas that are detailed in several other works already published.

Cladding materials in buildings, especially in high-rise ones are subjected to several exposures that, many times, are not predicted or defined during a design stage. This lack of information is mainly due to the generalized lack of facade experts with exception to glass cladding projects in which there is more expertise.

Glass clad buildings. Photo credits: Vera Pires

Mechanical loads can be cause due to wind pressure, earthquakes

The past ten years brought us a fundamental shift in the marketplace. The merits of sustainable and green materials are no longer debated — they are accepted as a critical part of a sustainable society. Rather, today’s dialogue is centered on defining “what constitutes a sustainable product?” Environmental products can be defined according to a number of approaches, such as a life-cycle focus, a precautionary approach, closed material loops, and sustainable production. Each approach has its pros and cons, and they are not mutually-exclusive.

But they all point to the same conclusion: the marketplace will continue to demand sustainable materials…


STORK is a composite product made of Natural Stone and Cork, where the aesthetics is produced by the stone compound layer. Produced in Portugal

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