Click on your profile at the top right corner then choose “New story”

As you can see, the layout of your draft is very simple and new-user-friendly. You wouldn’t need much time navigating to get used to Medium. And even if you need, there are great tips at the bottom that aid you in composing your story.

You can virtually click anywhere to start writing

If you want to format a text, just highlight them and a list of options will automatically appear. From left to right, they are Bold, Italic, Add Link, Increase size, Decrease size, Quote, Initial letter, and Private note (which let you send a note associated with the writing to specific people/publishers).

Familiar with words then this is such a no-brainer

To add pictures, videos, embedded links, click the plus sign and choose from there. Or more, you can even just drag and drop your pictures/videos from your local hard drive to your draft. One of the perk of Medium is that everything is made to be super easy and ready.

To tag a person in your post, simply type @ followed by their names. They will receive notifications as soon as you publish. This is another competitive advantage of Medium, compared to traditional ones like Wordpress; it creates a seemingly more connected community and provide more ways to distribute and increase access your writings.

OK so here goes CEO of Apple

When your post has begun to take shape, if you need someone else to take a look and provide feedback, look at the top and click “Share” and send the link to the people you want to.

Hooray, we are done here… Wait, what. Don’t tell me I have to start all over again. I’m still traumatized by rewriting my 20-page paper because I forgot to save.

The Blue Screen of Death…

Don’t worry, Medium gets you covered. Everything is automatically saved seconds after you type in.


Finally, you can publish your wonderful story by clicking on the green button Publish on top. You can add more tags to increase accessibility to your post. You can also easily share the post directly to Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also, there are scheduling, visibility, and license options for you to further tweak your post.

And that’s it. You’ve just had your first post!