Am I loosing my mind??? A mom of two. A girlfriend, a full time worker. Im breaking. “Only the strong survive” well as Of right now I’m screaming on the inside. How can so much stress not make you break. Its the same thing EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!

Wake up 9:00 get the kids ready while I dig through dirty clothes to get myself Ready hair in a messy bun trying to look what regular people call “nice”

9:45 drop kids off. In such a rush that I hurry to kiss the kids goodbye and there mad I’m not calm only your kids truly know when your STRESSED

10:00 at work. Kiss boyfriend goodbye, run inside and try to get ready for the day. One car means your at work 2 hours EARLY!!! gather yourself get your coffee and try to start your day smoothly….(it was a mess the second I woke up)

Pierce people all day!!! Listen to shop drama!! And let me tell you there is ALOT of it. Working in a tattoo shop doesn’t always mean its a huge ass PARTY!!!

off at 9. Get picked up….go get the kids..come home by now its almost 10pm there isn’t enough coffee in this world that can keep you awake. Spend time with the kids get them to bed. Try to spend time with the boyfriend (while you feel like your relationship is falling apart) sex is out the window, unless its 3am an your half asleep. The house is a mess. The clothes are not washed. The dog has ripped open the trash at least 6 times in one week. Am I crazy??? Because I feel like I’m loosing my mind!!!

How do you make life easier when it feels like its only slowly getting harder!! Ugh vent over.

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