Kenny Sway

Kenny Sway is a pop artist based out of Washington, DC who travels regionally through the Philly, Baltimore, DC, NYC, NJ and VA circuit. Kenny music is pop, dance and club; Kenny has just released his firs single (Mrs. Piano) from his soon to be released album titled (Inspirational l Moments). The single (Mrs. Piano) is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, YouTube, Megnifi and Tidal. Kenny Sway bio is as follows.

Singer-songwriter Kenny Sway has a sound that can best be compared to best artists to new artist with a twist of Adele, Sam Cook and Eddie Kendricks; honestly I have not heard a voice such as Kenny Sway’s in a long time. Kenny is a “unique lyricist” touring the college circut, and music festivals year-round and street performances .

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