Your attitude toward moving easily after a job loss is clearly built from an upper-middle-class…
Lysana McMillan

I’m married (single income) and in a particular field that doesn’t leave me many options if my job eventually goes away. I anticipate being unemployed at some point in my 40s and I have no idea what “plan B” is if “plan A” isn’t accomplished before then. So, upper? No. Middle class? Yeah, for now.

I hadn’t considered that all those adults and children in my example might live in the same house. I imagined a more “distributed” family made of semi-independent households. It’s not easy to find a six-bedroom house in some areas and it might pose a liquidity problem if the house needed to be sold, so it would probably be more affordable to buy two three-bedroom houses in the same neighborhood. I’d hate to have to do the taxes in one of these families…

Guaranteed basic income as a replacement for the mess of welfare, entitlement programs, and tax credits we have does make sense and could probably be done in a revenue-neutral way. Single-payer would likely be a debacle because Congress would design it and they did such a wonderful job with “Obamacare.” I wonder what my premium is going up to next year.

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