Fix for “Unable to Download Videos on Tubemate”

Tubemate is the most popular application for downloading Youtube videos. It’s also the fastest downloader for Youtube. With Tubemate, you can use it for sharing, watching and, of course, for downloading videos on Youtube. The downloading progress of Tubemate is a kind of Background Running process” so you can keep surfing Youtube while downloading videos.

Fix for “Unable to Download Videos on Tubemate” (1)

This is the best app for making your android devices become a “pocket theater” because it can bring the whole world cinema with all of the most popular music videos on the internet.

Although Tubemate is an amazing app, it still has some errors. Sometimes, you can not a video on Youtube and this is the most annoying problem. There are a few errors such as “unable to analyze video information”, “video is interrupted”, “unable to play a video” or “unable to get video information”. In this post, I will show you how what to do when any of those errors coming.

Fixing Guide for unable to playing or downloading error on Tubemate.

There are some ways which can help you solving or prevent those problems above.

  1. Always installing the latest version of Tubemate from a verified website.
  2. Looking for “Refresh Button” at the bottom of your screen for refreshing the app for deleting browser cache (cookies)
  3. Checking for your storage status. If it’s running out of space, delete some trash
  4. Reset your device connection and try to download video again
  5. Reboot your device for resetting network module for Android
  6. Remember, Always updating flash player when using a browser for streaming videos
  7. Use factory restore mode then reinstall applications
  8. If you have a Samsung devices, reorganize Samsung account under Setting, Account and Sync. then re-enter authentication.

These are basic remedies that may help you when you can not download videos with Tubemate. If all of them can not help you, you should contact us for your problems.

Outstanding features of Tubemate:

  • Downloading video with awesome speed (divided file apart)
  • Able to download many videos at the same time
  • Running background
  • Auto-pause your download when disconnected to the internet, resume your download when reconnected automatically
  • Convert videos to many formats, even MP3
  • Built-in Meridian Player with many playing options
  • Share your videos to social networks

For making Tubemate becomes more enjoyable, please give us your comments.

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