Hello fellow STORMers!

The team has been focusing on improving StormSwap UI. There's a lot of work going on and we are happy to be creating such an amazing community! With the most recent updates, we are ready to leverage STORM to a great future.

To thank the community and reward STORM holders, the STORM-BNB liquidity pool will be receiving a 10x reward bonus instead of the previous 2.5x. Bifrost is also available Thursday around 1PM UTC for staking (*note that after 24h Bifrost closes and only allows people to unlock tokens after 4 days).

Our team is working hard, even though we…


One of the newest unique features from StormSwap is the Bifrost Stake. It has some key differences compared to other protocols mechanism, and in this article we are going to go through how it works and how we architect Bifrost and BFX.


StormSwap has a 0.3% fee, where 0.25% is earned by liquidity providers and 0.05% goes to StormBreaker. StormBreaker is a smart contract that receives LP tokens, and has a function called convert, which can be called by any address. This function converts tokens received from StormSwap fees to STORM and sends to the Bifrost.

Storm? BFX? Why?

STORM is the governance…


We’ve been following the amazing work CZ and his team has been doing developing their own EVM-based blockchain. Binance is one of the most important crypto companies in the world, and they are starting a revolutionary movement of migrating their CeFi structure to DeFi. That’s huge.

Some of our team members also follow Thorchain closely, which we believe is a great protocol. However, it has big problems related to their LP mechanism and using Binance’s new SmartChain is a huge advantage for StormSwap. …


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