How to dissolve the illusion of separation in three steps.

How to Exit Duality in Three Steps | Artist

Human thinking and behavior has become increasingly polarized. This encompasses everything from people feeling righteous about their bigotry, to the deepening of the divide between conservatives and liberals, to the all-or-nothing nature of cancel culture. It is as if there is an emotional contrast setting on reality that is progressively being turned up such that we are either for or against things with no shades of grey.

As much as this high level of polarization may seem to be undesirable, our journey into duality is not a misstep. It is a part of the intelligent design of reality. Everything in…

Learning to love and embrace your WHOLE self.

“Face your shadows to be All That You Are.” | Photographer

As long as you reject that which you do not understand, as long as you do not seek to open yourself to the viewpoints of that which opposes you, you will be polarized. You will be only half of what you are. The awakened one is one that loves all. And that is to love the all inside of yourself. And that is one who flies and falls, goes left and right, up and down, heavy and light, dark and light. One that knows that they are the whole palette but understands equally that within that palette that are human.

To awaken is to fully meet yourself AS YOU ARE.

“Don’t think about dancing. Dance.” | Photographer

It is only when you let go of the belief you are separate from the state of awakening that you can discover it, here, Now, in your present, in your reality, in your being, in your feelings, in your isness.

Many people tend to see spiritual awakening as a challenge, goal or spiritual destination — something to be achieved or accomplished. But this is a belief that you are not awake — that you must somehow become awake. And, within this, is a belief that when you awaken something will happen and somehow everything will change.

This is also expressed…

The spiritual genesis of linear-time.

“Time is a miraculous creation of consciousness to shape experience.” | Photographer

For many people, especially those that are logically or scientifically minded, opening to a different idea — and therefore feeling — of time is one of the first experiences of coming to see through the illusion of space-time. The seemingly unalterable passage of time feels almost as tangible as physical matter. Though, just like physical matter, this does not stop it being an illusion, albeit an intrinsically fundamental one that is a cornerstone of the human experience.

For me, what makes the contemplation of time more fascinating than physical matter, is how it lends itself to be warped and played…

Understanding your infinite freedom to be anything.

“The human experience is not a test. It is an intense ride through diversity.” | Photographer

If you imagine your spirit — the unified state of eternal-consciousness from which we all flow — as being a white light, then to be human is to live within the infinite rainbow of colors created through the experience of differentiation. Our experience of freedom rests on our ability to differentiate one thing from another such that we can choose which color we want to be. This rainbow spectrum in this analogy represents the infinite continuum of energy states that we are free to explore. Prior to this — within the unified state of eternal-consciousness that religion calls “God” —…

How We Use Fear To Shape Our Mortal Experience.

“Our fear of things shapes our experience through avoidance and the exhilaration of overcoming it .” | Photographer

“See your fears clearly to see your self clearly.”

To be human is to transform the self through fear. Fear is a cage that limits us — but it is not a mistake. We are each eternal-consciousness in physical form and we use fear to focus our individuality.

To experience being human is a choice. We resist this idea because we logically believe that, if we had a choice, we would choose a life of constant bliss — but that is not what it is to be human. If you only wanted to experience joy, you would not have chosen…

YOU are the Motivation and the Awakening Choice.

“Spirituality flows from your choice to engage with your spirit.” | Photographer

In any spiritual teaching about “how to awaken” what is being presented is not just a series of mental ideas for you to consider, but the repeated presentation of the awakened state of consciousness that you must not only come to conceive of, but also make a conscious choice to engage.

Any spiritual teaching can only point to awakening — the rest is then up to you.

At the core of accepting this is the taking of responsibility for your own experience. …

Step Back From Your Fear-Based Ego And See The Mirror Of Reality.

“Your consciousness is an ocean to be explored.” | Photographer

How to Step Back and See the Mirror of Reality.

In this article we will bring multiple ideas together to open you to experience your human self from the vantage point of your wider consciousness. The five steps we will look at are:

  1. Resolve any desire to escape (not return to) this world.
  2. Learn to allow All That You Are through loving yourself.
  3. See beyond what you have known yourself to be.
  4. Stepping back from the mirror.
  5. Understanding how fear blinds you to your wider self.

1. Resolve any desire to escape / “not return to” this world. There is far more to you than what you are experiencing in…

Are You Ready To Master Your Fears?

“Trust versus fear is a dynamic you can master.” | Photographer

Fear of each other is a force that not only divides us as people and countries — it divides us internally.

We are each convinced our fears are valid, otherwise we would not choose to live within their confines. But what if your fears are illusions? Today’s article explores this intriguing premise. Enjoy!

The Core Principle.

The core premise of what I teach is that consciousness is eternal and unified, and that the separation we experience as individuals is a perceptual illusion. Fear is the name of the repulsive force we created in order to experience separation / differentiation from each other.


Change Is The Only Constant — Learn To Love It.

“The self is ever-changing and cascades like a waterfall.” | Photographer

In the realization of what change is lies the deeper understanding of both yourself and reality.

The definition of words can only begin to point at the multitude of sensations that erupt from the experience of change. Change is not some component of reality — meaning it is not a defined quality or separate “thing” that you may or may not possess.

  • Change is a part of everything you experience.
  • You are an experience of change.
  • Reality is an experience of change.

Change is therefore as indefinable as the experience of life — of beingness — itself. By broadening your…

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