Why Being Girly Is a Good Thing
Kristen Bell

Ok, so I can see what you’re trying to do here and that you genuinely mean well. You’re right bring “girly” should not be the negative that it is still seen as in our society (despite 40 plus years of feminism). And it is true that somewhere along the way people have forgotten that equality does not equal same. But this argument, to lean in and embrace our supposedly “inherent feminine traits” is an old one and a dangerous one (look up biological determinism). It’s a hairs breadth away from reinforcing the very unequal status quo. I feel it would be more productive to dig deeper into the culturally defined “feminine” and “masculine” and, instead of being herded towards a traditionally accepted gender role, for all of us, regardless of gender, to feel free to act in ways which resonate with our true selves (if we can remember what that looks like under years of cultural conditioning).

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