How to Hire a Social Media Team (Roles and Descriptions)

Story by Diego
Oct 24, 2017 · 3 min read

Looking to hire a social media marketer? The term “social media marketer” can refer to a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. You might be running solo and looking to bring in someone to jumpstart your social media marketing initiative. Or, perhaps you have an expanding business and are looking to add talent to an existing marketing team.

Know The Job Titles and Descriptions of a Social Media Team

What is a social media manager?

The lead social media marketer responsible for strategic development and execution of all social content and campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement, and traffic.

What is a social media analyst?

The analyst collects and analyzes data related to social media marketing campaigns, tracks the performance of social media initiatives, and develops/implements changes to improve business results.

What is a social media specialist?

The specialist creates and distributes content across social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to establish brand authority, manages company reputation, and provides social customer care.

What is a social media graphic designer?

The designer assembles images, typography, and other visuals to make social content engaging and memorable while maintaining brand consistency.

What is a video marketing manager?

The manager creates and leverages interviews, testimonials, demos, and other storytelling styles in video format to strengthen emotional connections, engagement levels, and marketing initiatives.

It’s important to know what role you’d like your new hire to fill. A fully fleshed-out social media marketing team at a large corporation is often a part of a larger content marketing team. It will include most, if not all, of these roles while a small operation might include only one.

How to start hiring a social team?

In most cases, if you’re building a brand new social media team, hire the Social Media Manager role first. The right Social Media Manager can be a “jack-of-all-trades” who handles a myriad of roles and responsibilities. When hiring a one-person social media team, look for an individual with superb social media marketing skills. Keep in mind, though, any additional skills (live video or graphic design, for instance) will be enormously valuable to a budding social media team.

Your Social Media Manager is the foundation upon which your social media team is built. Add new members to this team based on the gaps presented by your Social Media Manager. For example, your Social Media Manager may be great at posting engaging social content and driving community engagement, but not so hot at creating attractive graphics and live videos. Use your next hire to close the video marketing and graphic design gaps.

That’s it! This should get you started in the process of hiring a social media marketer and eventually a team. I’ve provided a link to a very helpful organizational chart below. Next week I’ll go over even more details including roles and responsibilities. Stay tuned.

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