Promote Your Facebook Event Like a Pro

Story by Diego
Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

In the US, 41% of Facebook users participate and interact with public events every month and worldwide. Your event has the potential to reach users that might be interested and the opportunity to find the best attendees increases by promoting your event.

Hosting an event is one of the strongest tools to engage and grow your community, and it doesn’t have to be a big expensive event. Now, you can host a virtual event and still make it great for your community.

How to set up and promote a successful event on Facebook

1. Set Up Your Event

Choose a short but relevant name for your event. It will be the first thing users read so it is important to use strong and relevant words, they will remember the name if it’s good and sticky enough. And remember that your Facebook event cover image says more than a thousand words, so be creative! Use an original design and keep it simple and related to your event.

Pro Tip: As soon as you arrive on the Telegraph’s Ski & Snowboard show Facebook event page, you see the stunning images and immediately after the ‘Book Now’ call to action. A clear call to action is pivotal. There is nothing worse than having to click through on different tabs or different links, just to find the right place to buy tickets for an event. With the example above a potential attendee could arrive on this Facebook event page, and know exactly where to click to purchase tickets.

2. Boost your Facebook Event

If you create your ad from Facebook Ads Manager, the first step will be selecting the objective of the campaign. As we want to promote our event, the marketing objective will be “Engagement” and the option we have to select is Event Responses.

Proceed and select the audience for your ads. Try answering some questions and be realistic about who you want at your event. You can try with: Where are those users located? Age range? Particular interests?

Pro Tip: The inaugural Leicestershire Sausage & Cider Family Festival was held last June and the organisers succeeded in getting a lively conversation started online, ramping up the excitement as the festival date drew closer. Because the festival was new, there were a few teething problems and attendees shared their feedback, but rather than ignoring these comments, the organisers tackled them head on. By showing they were listening to their customers they actually managed to gain more praise.

3. Target a Custom Audience

Now you can improve your targeting options using the new Custom Audiences from an Event. You can include or exclude people who had responded “Interested” or “Going” to a particular event, to any event or both from your Page.

This is a game changer because letting people that you know are interested in your business and have already interacted with you in the past know there’s a new event, gives you a better chance to maximise the attendance!

Creating an event is a great opportunity for your brand. If you need help getting this setup, please send me a message. I’ll give you the resources needed to get your promotion up and running in a matter of minutes!

We’re continuing to navigate what it means to tell our story and reach the masses one snack at a time. Join me on this journey to learn the power of storytelling to drive success, growth and influence! Stay hungry! See you next week.