Narrative Design for VR+Kids


Introducing the London chapter of our UK ‘Roadshow of Research on VR+Kids’ for the Children’s Media Foundation — hosted by the Immersive Storytelling Studio at the National Theatre, London.

As part of our VR+Kids Research ‘Roadshow’, we’re excited to announce the 2nd in our series; the London chapter, which will be hosted by the Immersive Storytelling Studio at the National Theatre, London on Tuesday 26th June to an invitation-only audience with 3 core exploration goals:

1. Appropriateness: the evolution of best practices for the design of VR content for children that compares duration, immersion, story-centered, learning-based experiences.

2. Cognitive and Sensory Health & Safety: scientific progress and studies into overloading children through VR experiences along with best practices.

3. Eye health & Balance: scientific progress and research into ongoing visual and balance implications and best practices .

Our kick-off event, was hosted in Leeds on 27th March and co-produced and hosted by Dubit, focussing on Crossing Over from Physical to Virtual.

The London chapter is looking at Narrative Design for VR+Kids, specifically at these topics;

VR as a Teaching Tool — Crisis Simulation in Real Time!
Narrative Design as Structure
Replayable Stories .vs. Episodic Bridges
Theatre & VR : Immersion & 4th Walls
Alison Norrington — storycentral, Toby Coffey- National Theatre, Martin Percy — Storyteller/Filmmaker/VR Director, Dina Lammiman — UCL, Rafael Pavon — Jaunt VR

With an informal format of 5x15 minute conversation-starters, discussion and knowledge share.

If you would like an invitation to join this intimate and exclusive roundtable discussion please email us at

Spaces are capped at 25–30 and already limited!

If you’re not on the list — you can’t get in!! :O