StoryWorld 3.0 — Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans : Venues Announced

…. and who has a Golden Ticket?

Today we sent out the first batch of StoryWorld 3.0 : Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans Golden Tickets announcing the 2 (yes 2) venues for our gathering in May.

Location 1 : Loft/Studio, Downtown LA

Where we will spend the Reunion day (and there are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet — so don’t let not attending StoryWorlds 1 or 2 stop you from signing up), and part of the ‘Retreat’ day…

Loft/Studio, 500 Molino Street, Unit 111, Los Angeles, 90013

Location 2 : Private Villa, Malibu Hills

For the evening of our ‘Retreat’ and then a whole new day of Shenanigans…

Mulholland Highway, Agoura Hills, 91301

Because, way back in 2012 a collective of us committed to continuing to push the boundaries of storytelling, recognising the impact that stories told in genuine, relevant and credible ways have the power to make people feel and to instigate change — all through a human need for entertainment through story.

Today 27 of those amazing people received this news about where we’ll be gathering from 18–20th May.

There are 13 Golden Tickets left for grabs. They’ll cost you a fabulous $325 for the entire 3 day event and it’s going to be first-come-first-served from here on in.

Get yours at

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