StoryWorld 3.0 : Topics, Talks & Titles — Clay Space, Blockchain Entrepreneur

Clay Space :

‘Retreat’ : Day 2 — Saturday 19th May 2018

Unleashing Fandom with the Blockchain

Clay Space is an actor, writer, producer, and founder of Blockspace Media, a company utilizing blockchain applications as an interactive layer in multi-platform stories.

He is the star, creator, and crypto-finance-wrangler of a new transmedia platform project known as Back to Earth. And, not for nothing, he’s a man whose very name demands the attention of sci-fi lovers, whether the gatekeepers like it or not.

Back to Earth is a live-action series, an interactive experience, and a graphic novel that has also been animated. “Our multi-platform approach is our way of telling an in-depth story that builds a bigger and more engaging world. Each facet … tells a unique story within our world,” Clay told SYFY WIRE.

“At times, a character in one story will cross over into another, creating a rich experience for devoted fans. Of course, you don’t have to watch everything in order to know what’s going on. Each piece stands on its own.”

But what makes the project seem truly revolutionary is its relationship with cryptocurrency, including bitcoin funding, and its own fidicuiary creation, StarCredits, which are used in the story and also have value outside of it.

Unleashing Fandom with the Blockchain

At StoryWorld 3.0 Clay will talk about Unleashing Fandom with the Blockchain with his experiences of how blockchain technology can expand your audience, break down market barriers, and engage your fans in new ways that have never before been possible…


Clay is part of the ‘Retreat’ focus on Day 2, which is less of a traditional retreat and more of a…

The promise of the StoryWorld 3.0 : Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans is summarized in this mission statement:

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