StoryWorld 3.0 : Topics, Talks & Titles — Helen Klein Ross, Author & Poet

Helen Klein Ross :

Reunion : Day 1 — Friday 18th May 2018

Collective BrainPower : The Latecomers Mapping Project

Helen Klein Ross is a poet and novelist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and in literary journals. Her new novel, THE LATECOMERS will be published in November by Little, Brown. It’s a saga of five generations, set in an ancestral home in Connecticut where details of a death in 1926 are discovered when the house is renovated in 2016.

Her novel What Was Mine (Simon & Schuster, 2016) was chosen by People magazine as a “Best New Book of 2016.” Her first novel, Making It: A Novel of Madison Avenue was published as an e-book with a digital epilogue that provides links to online content where readers can find out what happens next in the life of each character. Helen is the creator and editor of The Traveler’s Vade Mecum, a crowd-sourced anthology of new poems titled by old telegrams found in an 1853 book she discovered on Twitter. Contributors include Billy Collins and Frank Bidart.

Helen has long been interested in digital ways to tell stories. In her former life in advertising, she was the creator of an award winning ad blog (AdBroad) and the acclaimed Twitter handle @BettyDraper. She is an avid speaker on 21st century storytelling. Appearances include SXSW, Duke and Columbia Universities.

Helen graduated from Cornell University and received an MFA from The New School. She lives with her husband in New York City and Salisbury, CT.

At StoryWorld 3.0 Helen will present The Latecomers as one of the Collective Brainpower huddles.


THE LATECOMERS is a novel that will be published by Little, Brown on November 6, 2018. It’s a story that follows five generations of a family over the course of the 20th century. The narrative is set largely in New York City and in a historic mansion that exists in Salisbury, Conneticut. Characters live through highlight events of the last century, including The Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, World War I and II, Prohibition, the Kennedy Assassination and 9–11.

To promote the novel, Helen is looking to extend its narrative beyond the box of the book. One idea is “The Latecomers Mapping Project” which would be a map of New York and the fictional town of Wellington, CT overlaid with timelines of what was happening in history as well as what was happening with characters. The idea is based on mapping project developed for MRS. DALLOWAY at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Helen Klein Ross

Ideas about how best to execute this — or any other ideas welcome!

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