StoryWorld 3.0 : Topics, Talks & Titles — Joanna Garner, Brand Storyteller & Playwright — Meow Wolf

Joanna Garner :

‘Retreat’ : Day 2— Saturday 19th May 2018

Writing Down the Rabbit Hole: World-Building in the Meow Wolf Multiverse

Joanna Garner is is the Director of Exhibition Narrative for Meow Wolf and a playwright best known for creating immersive theatrical experiences. Her work has been developed nationally and internationally, including at the Banff Centre and with Austin’s Rude Mechs. Seattle Repertory Theatre is currently commissioning Joanna for a new play, and she is the 2018 Resident Playwright at Chance Theater in Southern California. Throughout her career, she has crafted stories and experiences for companies like Nike, Nordstrom, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She has an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas at Austin.

At StoryWorld 3.0 Joanna will talk about Writing Down the Rabbit Hole: World-Building in the Meow Wolf Multiverse

Meow Wolf creates immersive, interactive, transmedia experiences to transport audiences into fantastic realms of exploration. How do you populate dozens of worlds with complex, layered stories that an audience will discover piece by piece? Meow Wolf’s exhibitions have as many narrative rabbit holes as they do psychedelic colors. The company’s Director of Exhibition Narrative, Joanna Garner, takes us through her team’s process of world building and shares ideas and inspiration for maximalist, immersive storytelling.


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