StoryWorld 3.0 : Topics, Talks & Titles — Michael Margolis, Get Storied

Michael Margolis :

Reunion — Day 1 : Friday 18th May 2018

Narrative Intelligence: Social Media as a Tool for Self-Actualization

Michael Margolis is CEO and founder of Get Storied. A Narrative Strategist, Cultural Anthropologist and 2x TEDx speaker Michael is a global expert on storytelling, communicating innovation, and selling the future. He is a trusted advisor to Silicon Valley leaders, human-centered designers, and global change-makers. As an advisor to Facebook, Michael works closely with multiple teams to transform product roadmaps into the big-picture story that influences change.

Michael teaches a breakthrough narrative model for humanizing disruptive technologies, demystifying data, and sponsoring digital transformation. He’s also trained thousands of leaders at Google, Tesla, Bloomberg, NASA, and Dalai Lama Fellows. Michael is a passionate educator and serves as visiting faculty for InVision, Cooper Design, Kauffman Fellows, NASDAQ, General Assembly, and top 50 business schools around the world. Michael is currently working on his next book, Disruptive Storytelling: How to Sell Radical Ideas to a Reluctant Audience, due in March 2019.

The son of an inventor and artist, Michael is obsessed with how to translate anything new and different into cultural acceptance. Michael began his career as a social entrepreneur, working on issues related to poverty, race, and the digital divide. He was funded by Ford and Rockefeller Foundations by the age of 23, and an epic startup failure by the age of 24. Michael is the author of an Amazon #1 best-selling book Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, and has been featured in Fast Company, TIME, Brandweek, Inc Magazine, and NPR.

He is also a leading storytelling voice on Twitter with over 200,000 followers. In 2015–2016, Michael completed 500 days on #StoryWorldTour, speaking in 12 countries and 4 continents. Today, Michael is a family man and lives in Sonoma County. He is left-handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human

Narrative Intelligence: Social Media as a Tool for Self-Actualization

At StoryWorld 3.0 Michael talks about how social media platforms can empower people to develop narrative agency in their lives? In this session, he’ll share some of the Get Storied frameworks and insights from work over the last 2.5 years at some of the highest levels of Facebook, with key heads of product and their teams. While they’ve dramatically helped communicate vision/strategy/roadmaps, they also influenced Facebook’s shift in mission towards community-building. In this context, they will discuss a new discourse for storytelling and its impact on personal identity, relationships, and community-building.

Michael Margolis

Let’s explore the structure of belonging in the digital age, and its implications for anyone building a storyworld designed to empower its users. Michael will also run an interactive storytelling exercise on how we story ourselves into being and strengthen our bonds as a StoryWorld 3.0 tribe and cohort.

The promise of the StoryWorld 3.0 : Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans is summarized in this mission statement:

StoryWorld 3.0 Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans is an intimate gathering of pioneers in the business of storytelling, experience design, creativity and more.
We bring together leading innovators, design-thinkers, problem-solvers, companies, startups, influencers and rising stars along with CEO’s and entertainment industry VP’s to share insights and good times, through conversation and shared-experiences.
Hosted in unique locations, from the arts-district of DTLA to a stunning villa in the Malibu hills, there are no conference rooms, no formal presentations, no panels.
There are no attendees, only participating guests & friends sharing stories and experiences, knowledge, expertise and insight to inspire fresh perspectives, new ideas and an ongoing intellectual community around story, experience design & emotional design.

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