StoryWorld 3.0 : Topics, Talks & Titles — Philip Gilpin, Founder ITVFest

Philip Gilpin :

‘Retreat’ : Day 2— Saturday 19th May 2018

Ten Years In: The Rise and Role of Independent Television

Philip Gilpin Jr. is the Executive Director of ITVFest (the Independent Television Festival) and is responsible for growing ITVFest’s industry-leading presence in the television world as one of the only festivals focused solely on independently produced episodic content. Strengthening ITVFest’s community of content creators, executives, producers, and fans is at the heart of his and his team’s daily mission.

Before joining ITVFest in 2012, Philip was a Business Affairs Analyst at HBO in Los Angeles where he worked with the financial and contract components of titles such as “The Sopranos”, “Sex and the City”, Six Feet Under”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Wire”. It was these years of in-depth industry experience that gave Philip the vision of moving ITVFest out of Los Angeles and into its present-day home in Vermont.

After ITVFest’s first 7 years (2006–2012) in Los Angles, the Vermont move has created a unique and high-powered retreat for the TV industry’s best talent and executives to meet each other in a relaxed, beautiful Vermont foliage setting to share their ideas, buy and sell shows, and discuss the latest industry topics.

Ten Years In: The Rise and Role of Independent Television

At StoryWorld 3.0 Philip will share in insights into the Indie TV industry and his perception of the zeitgeist.

Is Indie TV having an impact on the overall industry? If so, is it leading or following?

What are the roles that creators play in setting the narrative of shows being made? Is it execs picking genres and then finding creators to fit, or are creators pushing execs in to places they weren’t thinking of going?


Now ten years into a tv digital revolution, what aspects of the new industry are here to stay? What’s next?

The promise of the StoryWorld 3.0 : Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans is summarized in this mission statement:

StoryWorld 3.0 Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans is an intimate gathering of pioneers in the business of storytelling, experience design, creativity and more.
We bring together leading innovators, design-thinkers, problem-solvers, companies, startups, influencers and rising stars along with CEO’s and entertainment industry VP’s to share insights and good times, through conversation and shared-experiences.
Hosted in unique locations, from the arts-district of DTLA to a stunning villa in the Malibu hills, there are no conference rooms, no formal presentations, no panels.
There are no attendees, only participating guests & friends sharing stories and experiences, knowledge, expertise and insight to inspire fresh perspectives, new ideas and an ongoing intellectual community around story, experience design & emotional design.

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